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The Cash Management and Funds Control program ensures that everyone that is supposed to get paid gets paid, while Vendor Pay Direct™ makes it faster and easier to manage supply side payables brought on by cash flow issues.

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About Vendor Pay Direct™

Vendor Pay Direct is a supply side partner program from Corporate Capital Direct. Suppliers across the nation now can use this program to provide a no fee solution to alleviate credit risk and reduce delinquent customer receivables.

Be a Vendor, not a Lender

The Vendor Pay Direct partner program is a no fee job financing solution and collection tool that reduces delinquencies, credit holds and charge offs and makes the supplier the primary obligation.

Here's how it works:

  1. The Vendor Pay Direct partner refers a delinquent, slow paying or high credit risk customer to Corporate Capital Direct.
  2. Corporate Capital Direct then contacts the customer, assesses their financial situation and provides them with financing options.
  3. Our Rapid Response Portal renders a decision within minutes. Once approved and accepted, the Vendor partner obligation is paid off we will also provide the financing for any current and future jobs.

FK Construction Cash Management and Funds Control Program

The FK Construction Advanced Funding Program was created to help relieve the substantial cash flow challenges faced by sub-contractors to cover payroll and materials while they are waiting to be paid.

Sub-contractors can tap in to cash when they need it most, not when it works for the owner. The program expedites payments to sun-contractors improving cash flow and offers a non-debt solution to get paid the day the invoice is approved.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sub-contractors decides which projects to finance.
  2. The application process is simple and Jobs can be setup for funding in days.
  3. Once the setup is complete, funding usually takes place the same day the payment application is approved.


Learn how we can support your business

Added benefits for Vendor Pay Direct partners:

  1. Reduce credit risk
  2. Stop turning away credit applicants
  3. Improve your own cash flow
  4. Re-establish relationships
  5. Get paid in DAYS… not months!

Transforms the way sub-contractors finance projects

By utilizing our services, our clients are able to maintain continued purchasing cycles instead of ending up in an uncomfortable collection problem brought on by cash flow strain. The Cash Management and Funds Control program ensures that everyone that is supposed to get paid get paid.

Funding available for all industries:


Get funded to increase cash flow, purchase equipment, etc.


Get funded for fuel, parts, oil, wages, insurance, expansion, etc.


Get funded for materials, equipment, technology upgrades, etc.


Get funded for product line expansion, cash flow, purchase orders, etc.


Get funded for marketing and advertising, materials, equipment, etc.


Get funded for payroll, advertising and promotions, equipment, etc.

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

One of my creditors knew I had a good business, but had some personal issues that made me delinquent with my account. Through a series of phone conversations that occurred on MY schedule, your staff  helped my business get re-organized. They understood that health issues (your own or a member of your family you have to care for) can cause your business to fall behind. They required all the same documentation that traditional banks require, but also took the time to listen to the story of my life and my business. Your staff also explained what repayment possibilities I could afford and tailored the offers (yes, there was more than one offer) accordingly. Don’t be afraid. This is a GREAT company. Feel free to have anyone contact for a direct referral. I would be happy to share my experience.

Leanne H.B., President - Pharmacy

I know the collection company was just doing their job by repeatedly calling me but I had nowhere to turn. Thankfully they recommended me to your firm. You understood our cash flow issues and the headaches we had dealing with our suppliers. You not only helped negotiate a discounted lump sum settlement from $11,000 to $8,000 but  helped us obtain additional working capital funding for $16,000. We averted a collection lawsuit and the collection calls have stopped. We are now in good standing and our slow pays from insurance companies are no longer an issue. Thank you for understanding and quickly getting us the funding we needed.

Beth P., Owner - Pharmacy

As you know we found ourselves facing serious cash-flow issue that turned into collection problem that almost went out of control. We are grateful to Mary at the collection firm who referred us to you. The introduction helped turn a bad situation with collections into a valuable relationship for an ongoing source of capital that will help us continue to grow in the future. The funding we received helped us continue moving our projects forward while taking care of a lingering issue from the past. Your firm worked with us, processed our application in a timely manner and we had the money we needed in less than a week. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for working with us and helping us to sustain our business at a difficult time.

Martin W., Owner - Electrical Contractor

I was introduced to you several months ago when I was facing debit issues. Unfortunately, I didn't qualify for a loan at that time. However, your continued follow up helped us get a line of credit when the banks turned us down because of our past debt issues. Thanks again for the follow-up.

Dr. Scott T., Owner - Medical Practice



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