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Introducing RX Fund Assist™

By April 19, 2021September 16th, 2022Funding

Corporate Capital Direct, LLC, a leading commercial finance firm, introduces the national roll out of their medical funding program, Rx Fund Assist™, to independent pharmacies and medical practices providing a unique capital solution for operating costs and business development. 

Coral Springs, FL (October 29, 2018) – Rx Fund Assist™, historically a regional proprietary funding platform, announces two new additions to its executive board, helping transform the division into a nationally recognized, critical issue solution service for independent pharmacy owners.  

Recognizing the challenges facing the retail pharmacy industry, CCD has aligned Rx Fund Assist™ financial expertise with Jason Melachrino PharmD, MBA, CPh and Jonathan Mordis PharmD, CPh; two expert pharmacists with exceptional track records in building, running and selling pharmacies. “This brings expert perspective to help identify and resolve critical issues facing independent pharmacies,” said Rob Denton, Founder of Corporate Capital Direct and creator of RxFund Assist.

We chose the 2018 National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Conference in Boston, which took place in October to release Rx Fund Assist.  The timing of this release was designed to specifically speak with suppliers along with over 3000 independent pharmacy owners. NCPA was instrumental in both explaining how Rx Fund Assist solutions can work for vendors who have clients experiencing hardship issues pertaining to payment terms or credit-lines. In addition, Rx Fund Assist interfaces directly with pharmacy owners searching for capital to assist with daily operations or who are looking to expand.

  “Over the last 20 years I have witnessed firsthand the financial stresses related to reimbursement issues, capital demands related to rapid growth trajectory and unmanageable supplier credit situations, and by applying this knowledge individually to each of our clients allows us to search and offer the most effective finance tools and terms for independent pharmacies,” says Jonathan Mordis, PharmD, CPh, Partner/VP Business Development.

 Jason Melachrino, PharmD, MBA, CPh, Partner VP of Pharmacy has over 20 years of intimate knowledge in a variety of settings in the pharmacy field; through consulting, compounding, retail, administrative and business development.

 “In today’s rapidly changing pharmacy landscape, it is more common than ever to fall into cash-flow traps.  At Rx Fund Assist, we’ll not only help pharmacists negotiate this landscape but also avoid future predicaments through our interdisciplinary, consultative approach. We are a company by pharmacists for pharmacists!”  – Jason Melachrino, PharmD, MBA, CPh

 Rx Fund Assist™ gives pharmacy owners solutions with the capital needed to navigate through managing inventory, equipment purchases, payroll, marketing, advertising, also providing prospective growth funds, so pharmacy owner/operators can focus on their business rather than their expenses.