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Once again Dan and Rob come to the rescue with $50,000 in a few days and another $50,000 a month later to help us meet cash flow obligations. The beauty of Corporate Capital Direct is the seamless rapid application and underwriting that is so easy compared to the Banks that just don't loan money anymore. Dan was on top of this calling me with updates twice a day and we had our funds within a week start to finish. That same drill down would be 2 months with a bank if you're lucky. The cost of funds are reasonable and the speed of it is amazing. Kudo's to you guys for all the help. For anyone that needs rapid funding with minimal paperwork, documentation (that banks overdue) and a pleasurable experience, this is the way to go. Dan and Rob are lifesavers!!!

Robert  P., CEO - Development Company

Thank you for working with us recently and helping us to secure the funding we needed to keep our projects moving forward. As you know we found ourselves recently in the very difficult situation of trying to maintain ongoing project schedules while at the same time experiencing A/R payments that were lagging behind schedule. I feel it was a blessing that we came in contact with you, Dan. Your firm worked with us, processed our application in a timely manner and we had the money we needed in less than a week. Again, I just wanted to say thank you for working with us and helping us to sustain our business at a difficult time.

Al W., Executive VP / General Manager - Service Company

You guys were the best! I was pleased with how easy the paperwork was to do, and if I had any questions they were answered immediately! It was also exciting to see how simple the requirements were for this type of loan through your company. One of my most favorite things about the loan is the fact that the money is extracted from my account on a daily basis which is great for my cash flow. I haven't dealt with a company in a long time where each person is as helpful as the next. Thank you again for all your help and I look forward to doing business with you folks well into the future.

Cindy M., Landscaping Company

I just want to say working with your staff was a great experience. The process was smooth. I was a little skeptical at first because the process seemed too easy. I've tried to get loans at my bank where I've been banking for years and was denied because of a tax lien that has been paid but is still on my credit report. They made me feel at ease and assured me that their process is less stressful. We communicated everyday, they answered all of my calls and my questions and the funds were  approved and the money was in my account in three or four days; $200,000 - Wow! Thank you!

Carl H., President - Construction Company

We wanted to let you know the loan funded! We received the $50,000 this morning. THANKS so much for helping us out! We are back in business. I attached a photo of the family whose lives you made a difference in. Thanks again for all your help. We'll write a letter of reference for you and will spread the word about your company.

Paige T., Owner - Construction Company

The collection company was harassing me and I had nowhere to turn. Your firm understood our cash flow issues and the headaches we had dealing with our suppliers. They not only helped negotiate a discounted settlement from $11,000 to $8,000 but they helped us obtain additional working capital funding for $16,000. We averted a collection lawsuit and the collection calls have stopped. We are now in good standing and our slow pays from insurance companies are no longer an issue. Thank you for understanding and getting the nasty calls to stop.

Beth P., Owner - Pharmacy

One of my creditors knew I had a good business, but had some personal issues that made me delinquent with my account. Through a series of phone conversations that occurred on MY schedule, your staff  helped my business get re-organized. They understood that health issues (your own or a member of your family you have to care for) can cause your business to fall behind. They required all the same documentation that traditional banks require, but also took the time to listen to the story of my life and my business. Your staff also explained what repayment possibilities I could afford and tailored the offers (yes, there was more than one offer) accordingly. Don’t be afraid. This is a GREAT company. Feel free to have anyone contact for a direct referral. I would be happy to share my experience.

Leanne H.B., President - Pharmacy

It was such a pleasant experience working with you in obtaining financial support for my company. I must thank Matthew as well as Dan for their professional advice on working capital and handling the documentation. You all make a great team and makes my company and myself so comfortable in placing trust and utmost information to obtain support and assistance without any hesitation. Rob, once again, I thank you for all the advise and support. Looking forward to building a strong business and personal relationship. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your family.

Jayasekar J., President - Transportation Company

Things have finally picked up this year and there's a lot of work out there that I just couldn't get because I didn't have the money to do the job. After receiving funds the future is full of opportunity and not having working capital is no longer standing in my way. My only mistake is not doing this 6 months ago!

Keith R., Construction Company

A sincere thank you for the professionalism, follow-thru and support at every point in the application process. You made what could have been a tedious and frustrating experience actually enjoyable and expeditious. Thank you to you and your team!

Dr. Carl N., Medical Practice

I've tried to get loans at my bank where I've been for years and was denied, denied, denied. Your firm was not only able to get us approved for unsecured business funding but we were able to the make collection calls stop by settling with a vendor we fell behind with. We caught up on payables and had leftover working capital to boot. Thank you!

Marcia H., Security Company

My bank line of credit was closed and my business had been slower over the last few years. But things have started to pick up and I recently won a bid for a project that I needed to hire 10 temporary employees. Your team asked me some questions about my business and I supplied them with some bank statements and they approved me for $50,000 in 3 days.

Russ M., Electric Company

Never even needed to speak to anyone. I accepted the email offer and shot them a couple bank statements. Easy process and they lived up to what their site says. A great way to borrow.

Steve L., Industrial Supply

Debra and her team are wonderful at what they do. They became a beneficial resource during a rough time in my life. I am in a demanding and active position as not only the business owner of my pharmacy, but lead pharmacist as well, which entails a great amount of responsibility. My pharmacy provides an average of 2,800 prescriptions per week and employees at least 15. My health recently deteriorated and required a recovery time of 7 months. As you can imagine this resulted in substantial changes for the pharmacy. Due to my absence new employees were required in order to minimize productivity loss, and this in turn strained cash flow resulting in financial issues. Luckily, they were here to help by relieving the financial pressure. I was actually amazed at how simple the process was. The process was not a hassle and did not require a heap of information to gain financial aid. Instead, your team provided friendly service and immediately asked how they could help ease the stress of my unfortunate situation. In only 48 hours I was provided with the financial assistance that I needed. This allowed me to focus on my recovery without having to worry about my business. Debra is a great resource for anyone who finds themselves in a stressful financial situation. These situations are typically unexpected and can happen to the best of us. I am now an avid supporter of Debra and this company and I recommend contacting them for your financial assistance.

Devonna W., Pharmacy

I hereby would like to thank you for the great help my company has received. The funds provided helped to continue our operation and be able to finance the delivery of key raw materials to some of our main customers. It is a great pleasure for me to help in any way to promote your services among my friends who are also small business owners.

Thanks again.

Juan F., President & Managing Director - Chemical Company

We are a new, startup trucking company, located in Washington State.  We contacted Dan in hopes of obtaining for a loan for the purpose of additional operating capital.  The application process was simple and easy and in just a few short days the money was in our account.  We truly appreciate their help and support.  We wish to give an extended thanks to our loan officer, Dan Pagano, who we found extremely professional and helpful in the process.

Rob D. - Trucking Company

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