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Funding for Construction Companies

Corporate Capital Direct working capital and operating cash helps meet payroll, purchase materials and equipment and provide ongoing maintenance and fuel for their vehicles.

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Core Funding Programs

Flexible Business Funding Solutions

Business Loans

Corporate Capital Direct is your best source for business loans. Get the capital you need for your business, with terms and repayment options that make sense. We’ll help you avoid unnecessary delays and costly mistakes.

  • Funding in 24-48 hours
  • Terms 6 to 36 months
  • Options for almost all credit situations
  • Minimal documentation required to apply
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Business Revolving Line

Our Business Revolving Line core funding program is designed to get your business fast access to capital whenever its needed. The Business Revolving Line allows you to access additional funds whenever you need them, without having to refinance an existing funding source.

  • Fast access to capital
  • No hidden fees (or Double Dipping)
  • No collateral or personal payment guarantee
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SBA Loans

SBA Loans have never been easier! Let Corporate Capital Direct help you get approved for a loan through the Small Business Administration.

  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Low rates
  • Monthly payments
  • Longer terms
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Asset Based Revolving Line

Get a revolving line of credit from $250,000 up to $5,000,000! These revolving lines are secured by accounts receivable, and are significantly cheaper than other factoring products. The funding process takes 4 – 7 days. Use what you need, when you need it!

  • Paperless application and reporting
  • Non notified facility – no contact to your customers!
  • Half the cost of factoring
  • Funding available on demand
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Equipment Finance

Corporate Capital Direct is your trusted provided of Equipment Finance solutions. We offer lease and loan options to pay for your equipment. Upfront costs are low, and approvals are fast.

  • Funding in 24-48 hours
  • Terms 6 to 36 months
  • Options for almost all credit situations
  • Minimal documentation required to apply
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Business Credit Builder

Maintaining strong business credit is an important practice. Corporate Capital Direct can help you build your business credit back up. Having access to the right credit facility can be a big payoff for your company and give you peace of mind. Set your business up for success by taking action today.

  • Improve on/restore your borrowing power
  • Refinance debt or expensive loans
  • Keep company obligations in the business without personal guarantees
  • Secure new credit sources without putting up personal assets
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Cash Flow Based Term Loans

Cash flow based terms loans are great for borrowers or businesses in need of a quick, but affordable business loan. Learn more about Corporate Capital Direct’s Cash Flow Based Term Loans.

  • Fast approval
  • Based on cash flow
  • Options for almost all credit situations
  • Minimal documentation required to apply
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Vendor Pay Direct™

Vendor Pay Direct™ is a supply side partner program from Corporate Capital Direct. The Vendor Pay Direct partner program is a no fee job financing solution and collection tool that reduces delinquencies, credit holds and charge offs and makes the supplier the primary obligation.

How it Works

  1. The Vendor Pay Direct partner refers a delinquent, slow paying or high credit risk customer to Corporate Capital Direct.
  2. Corporate Capital Direct then contacts the customer, assesses their financial situation and provides them with financing options
  3. Our Rapid Response Portal renders a decision within minutes. Once approved and accepted, the Vendor partner obligation is paid off we will also provide the financing for any current and future jobs.

Added benefits for Vendor Pay Direct partners:

  • Reduce Credit Risk
  • Stop turning away credit applicants
  • Improve your own cash flow
  • Re-establish relationships
  • Get paid in DAYS… not months!

Cash Management & Funds Control

The FK Construction Advanced Funding Program was created to help relieve the substantial cash flow challenges faced by sub-contractors to cover payroll and materials while they are waiting to be paid.

Sub-contractors can tap in to cash when they need it most, not when it works for the owner. The program expedites payments to sun-contractors improving cash flow and offers a non-debt solution to get paid the day the invoice is approved.

How it Works

  1. Sub-contractors decides which projects to finance.
  2. The application process is simple and Jobs can be setup for funding in days.
  3. Once the setup is complete, funding usually takes place the same day the payment application is approved.

Transforms the way sub-contractors finance projects

By utilizing our services, our clients are able to maintain continued purchasing cycles instead of ending up in an uncomfortable collection problem brought on by cash flow strain. The Cash Management and Funds Control program ensures that everyone that is supposed to get paid get paid.

Professional Service

We provide exceptional service to our clients.

Expert Advisors

Our service starts with our expert Funding Advisors. We only hire and team with professionals that have extensive finance and business experience.

Client Knowledge

Our Advisors take the time to get to know each client and their business, and strive to obtain the right credit facility for their needs.

Client Follow-up

Our Advisors stay in touch with each client to ensure that their needs were met and to provide additional funding when needed.


Hear from our happy clients.

Bud Clarke, and his team at Corporate Capital Direct, whom were referred to me by my supplier, did an outstanding job of helping me acquire working capital for my pharmacy, which has made me optimistic about the future success of my business, for the first time in months. I highly recommend them and will absolutely call upon them in the future should I need their services again.

Christopher H.Professional Apothecary, Inc.

Having access to a $200,000 line of credit when I needed it was way more economical than getting an expensive loan. Now I can use what I need when I need it and pay it back early without penalty. I feel much more comfortable with this flexibility. Thanks Rob, I appreciate the guidance! Thank you!

Tim C.Medical Practice Owner

They embody the true meaning of professionalism. They are excellent communicators and are in constant contact with the client to let them know exactly where they are throughout the process, which is a great! I would recommend both of these gentlemen to anyone looking for funding or working capital for any project. They are very easy to deal with and to speak to.

Raja S.Pharmacy Owner

Since I’ve started working with CCD, they have treated me professionally and with my best interest at heart. As a result of CCD’s assistance I am able to order again with my suppliers and I’m back on track working out my cash flow issues.

Andrea PHeights Community Pharmacy

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Industries We Serve

Corporate Capital Direct offers powerful business financing solutions in virtually any industry.


Offering capital to purchase equipment, technology upgrades, and more.


Offering working capital for material, payroll, or any other needs to contractors and sub-contractors.


Get funded for fuel, parts, oil, wages, insurance, and expansion opportunities.


Capital available for marketing, raw materials, equipment upgrades, and more.

Retail & Wholesale

Get funded for product line expansion, cash flow, purchase orders, and more.


Get funded for payroll, advertising, expansion, equipment, and more. Options for restaurants & hospitality!